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soccer & fitness

I offer a training programme for beginners through to elite sports professionals.

coaching for me has never been a has been a way of life, a lifestyle, it is what I am, with every fibre of my being.

my background

" coaching is unique because you are impacting lives in a special way"

I could never have imagined a career as a teacher back in my younger days. I had an active childhood & loved the outside. now 28 years on as a full time trainer I have been involved in sport at every level, it has been a major part of my life journey !

my role within soccer has taken me all around the world, Brazil, Athens, Norway ,USA, Spain & Italy.

I have gained many qualifications along the way, Elite Soccer Conditioning, Elite Resistance Band Award, Metabolic Training Award, Specialist in Sports Conditioning & more recently MMA Trainer Level 1, Kettlebell Level 1, Steel Mace & Bulgarian Bag Master Awards.

I have worked in various roles at QPR FC, Chelsea FC, Panathinaikos FC & Aldershot Town FC.

My simple inspiration is helping people perform better, regardless of whether a complete beginner to elite athlete.




the soccer programme

  • my sessions are very meticulous  I'd call it 'identifying the mechanics' of the players. I cover reactive skill & speed , movement recognition, body movement & flexibility (ginga), explosive power, strength & mental conditioning. my philosophy is not a typical lateral programme, I prepare players for the randomness of collision, adjustment & tempos of the modern day game!
  • I offer regular training & coach educational workshops & packages.
  • I have devised 6 soccer specific Functional Training Certifications which prove very popular
  • PHYSICAL - training movements not muscles
  • TECHNICAL - techniques that are used on the pitch
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL - not running faster...thinking faster

the fitness programme

"to kick ass.......kick someone else's ass & save someones life" 

my role in soccer lead me to discover that to master technique, first you had to master movement & recruit the neuromuscular development to perform everyday tasks & react to situations! our fitness training philosophy is first & foremost teaching the importance of self defence, situational endurance & awareness.

nothing can prepare an individual to react to emergencies or everyday tasks.

but at my gym we have designed a programme that puts functionality first & aesthetics second!

every session is geared around these disciplines

  • speed & quickness = fast in one & multiple directions
  • power = rate of force much-how fast
  • strength = how much
  • hypertrophy = muscular development

as a by product of training in the above cycles, the gains of toned, lean, athletic, functional endurance & mental capabilities improve tenfold.we use a variation of supersets/hiit/amrap & more, we work closely with clients on lifestyle, dietary advice, monitoring & producing facts rather than opinions, so in reality we speed up the overall needs in one plan, rather than train muscles in isolation or just for vanity!


my sean faulkner60 programme

training for health & longevity 

growing up

I have had many surgeries possibly developed from prolonged un-functional training & activities as a teen & younger man

surviving adversity

I have also survived a major blood clot , a cancer scare & major anxiety issues. I am a survivor & I know first hand how fragile life is. 

age is but a number

I am almost 60 years old, my all round health, fitness & mindset is something I am keen to promote to older persons who have suffered adversity, lost their way & want to train smart & restore confidence

my 60 programme

I am now offering a programme I've designed myself, drawn from my experiences. dietary, smart training & mindfulness are things I've worked & studied excessively . so please contact me to get involved!

NEW FOR 2022

Discover more about my extensive range of professional services. i constantly update this page, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with me – i will be more than happy to help.

Tough Mothers Goups

Times: 9.30-10.30am


Sessions for Mums who want to become tougher physically & mentally.All methods are transferable to movement & strength for everyday life, always in a fun environment.

Over 50s Fitness

Times: 6.15-7.15pm


Brand new to our programme & lead by myself. this session will introduce smart methods of training I have used to re-build myself, both physically & mentally. The aim is to restore vital body function & confidence.

Trainer Mentoring

At my gym/or online

My career has spanned over nearly 30 years. I have gained many elite training awards & feel I have something of value to offer trainers who are just starting out, or who want to learn different methods. My strengths are football conditioning & functional fitness. I can tailor to suit needs & also offer various packages.

Football Conditioning Sessions

At my gym/your venue/online

I have a background in elite football conditioning. I have prepared professionals individually or in squads for the mechanics needed to perform in todays game. I specialise in movement, strength, power, mental quickness, monitoring & much more. I can work with juniors & seniors also of any level.

Online Over 50s Fitness & Health


Working from my own experiences, I now offer a complete online service for persons over 50 who can't make the gym, but are keen to kick start a fitness & health routine for longevity . Varied packages are available to suit either individuals or groups worldwide.

Functional Training Groups

Times: 6.15-7.15pm & 7.15-8.15pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays

I base this section around key areas. Speed & quickness, power, strength & hypertrophy. All progression is monitored & everything included is to train movements not muscles to improve everyday situations whilst gaining great aesthetics along the way. All ages welcome.


Sean's e-book

I have written my first short e-book, should anyone wish to get a copy, feel free to contact me.

YouTube Channel

I will soon becoming more interactive on my own YouTube

Channel, I will have a members area, with access to my training methods & philosophy.


We now have a selection of hoodies, vests & t-shirts.

Please feel free for costs & sizing. 

booking information

  • the gym is open 7 days per week.
  • i offer: 1-1, small group, group, partner, the 60 programme & pre wedding programmes.
  • we specialise in creating strong individuals
  • we offer long term body & mind transformation
  • sean offers coach education/workshops/consultancy /seminars/pre season football training & more
  • we don't offer pay as you train
  • we always limit class numbers for maximum learning & instruction
  • feel free to contact me for any information
  • I am fully insured & checked/first aid trained 

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